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    Undergraduate Application Reactivation Form

    Application Reactivation Form

    Please use this reactivation form if you have previously applied for admission to Emerson College within the last academic year. After submitting this application, your form will be reviewed. If approved, you will receive a communication with next steps. Applicants who submitted an application more than one academic year prior must follow the process for applying as a freshman or transfer student.  

    Freshman Applicant

    Apply as a new first time applicant if you are currently a high school student, or if you have graduated from high school and have taken fewer than 9 college credits, or if you have not yet gone to college.

    • Early Decision is a binding early deadline. This option is appropriate only if you are sure Emerson is your first choice and are prepared to apply by the deadline. Binding means you must commit to enroll at Emerson, if admitted. ED applicants cannot apply Early Decision to other institutions. ED applicants can apply EA to other colleges, but must withdraw those applications if admitted to Emerson.
    • Early Action is a non-binding early deadline. This option is for students who consider Emerson their first choice and are prepared to apply by the deadlineStudents applying Early Action to Performing Arts must complete an Early Action Artistic Review. If your Artistic Review will take place after the first of the year, please apply Regular Decision.
    • Regular Decision is a non-binding deadline. This option is for students who are strongly considering Emerson, but would follow our regular decision deadline to complete an application. Spring applicants should apply by November 1. Please note that Performing Arts majors may only apply for a fall start term.

    Transfer Applicant

    Apply as a transfer student if you are currently enrolled at a college or university and you will complete 9 or more college credits prior to your desired start term at Emerson.

    • Transfer students may apply for Regular Decision by November 1 for spring admission and June 15 for fall admission. 
    • Apply for Transfer Priority Decision by March 15 for fall admission if you want to apply for a Performing Arts or Comedic Arts program. Please note that Performing Arts and Comedic Arts majors may only apply for a fall start term.
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